Anemia Test 10pack

Anemia (low blood iron) rapid test kit pack of 10 tests. Certified for professional healthcare only. 
  • 97.8% Accurate Quick Test for Anemia (blood iron deficiency)
  • Results indicate very low, low or normal levels of ferritin (iron)
  • Results in 10 minutes, no need to send away
  • CE, IVD and FDA Certified, test with confidence
  • All equipment included
  • Discreet, unmarked packaging & quick shipping


The SH Diagnostics Anemia Quick test is 97.8% accurate in testing low iron (aka ferritin) levels in the blood, also know as Anemia. The test will give an indication if levels are very low, low or normal. The test takes 10 minutes and there’s no need to send away, the results show immediately. All the equipment needed to take the test is provided. The test is CE marked meaning the accuracy is tested and you can buy with confidence.


Simply take a blood sample using the sterilised lancet provided. Use the pipette to transfer four drops of blood onto the test and then add one drop of the test solution. Read the results after 10 minutes.


Three lines indicate a positive result that iron levels are below normal. If the third line is weaker than the second line this indicates a Very Low level of blood ferritin (less than 20ng/ml) if the second and third lines are the same colour this indicates blood iron levels are Low (20-100mg/ml). Two lines indicate a negative result and that iron levels are Normal (above 100ng/ml).


97.8% accurate in diagnosing Anemia (blood iron deficiency).


  • Test Cassette x10 
  • Sterile Lancet x10
  • Pipette x10
  • Instruction Manual

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. SH Diagnostics

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