Ketones Test Strips (x100)

  • 99% Accurate
  • Specialised for Keto & Atkins diet
  • 100 strips included
  • Easy to use Urine test
  • Results in seconds
  • CE, IVD and FDA Certified, test with confidence

The SH Diagnostics Ketone Test Strips are especially optimised for the Keto & Atkins diet. Simply dip in a urine sample and results will show in seconds. The results are easy-to-read, just match the end of the test-strip to the colour chart provided to see what level of ketosis your body is in.

Testing for Ketosis is the key to the Keto diet, whereby the body burns fat instead of carbohydrate. The SH Diagnositcs Ketone Strips are optimised for Keto diet testing. The strips show if you are in ketosis and if not how close you are to achieving ketosis, this is ideal for those looking to lose weight with the Keto or Atkins diet.

The strips are packed in a foil-topped bottle to keep them fresh and accurate. They come with an simple to understand instruction manual and colour chart to measure ketosis. The tests are CE certified.


  • 100 Test Strips
  • Foil capped bottle
  • Instruction Manual
  • Ketosis colour chart

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. SH Diagnostics