Menopause Home Test

  • 99.2% Accurate Home Test for onset of Menopause up to 12 months before 
  • Midstream test stick (no mess!)
  • Results in 5 minutes, no need to send away
  • CE, IVD and FDA Certified, test with confidence
  • Two tests included to confirm result
  • Discreet, unmarked packaging & quick shipping


The SH Diagnostics Menopause Home Test measures the level of FSH in the mid-stream urine sample to determine the onset of Menopause up to 12 months in advance with 99.2% accuracy. In the 12 months leading up to menopause, known as the perimenopause, many women may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disorders, fatigue, mood swings and vaginal dryness among others. This is caused by the changing level of hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. As the body produces less estrogen it increases the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (which normally regulates the development of female eggs).  



Hold the un-capped test stick in the urine stream for 15 seconds. The results will show in 5 minutes, a positive result will show two lines either the same colour or the 'T' line darker than the 'C' line. A negative result will show only one line or a faint line next to the 'T' marker. 

If still having regular periods take the first test on day 2-7 of the cycle (with day one being the first day of menstruation). Then take the second test one week after the first. If both tests are positive then it indicates the onset of menopause. If one test is negative and one is positive then it indicates the early stages of onset of menopause. If both are negative it indicates the menopause is not onset. 


99.2% accurate in diagnosing Menopause 12 months before the cessation of periods. 


  • Test Stick x 2
  • Instruction Manual 

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