Peanut Allergy Test 20pack

Peanut allergey rapid test pack of 20. Certified for Healthcare Professional only. 

The SH Diagnostics Peanut Allergy test is 98.3% accurate in testing for peanut allergy with results provides inside 10 minutes, there is no need to send the test away or pay any further costs. The test is safe, CE certified and fully approved for professional use with scientifically accurate results. Each test comes hygienically packed in a sterile foil pouch and includes everything needed to carry out the test; pipette, finger lancet, buffer solution, wipe and instruction manual.

Do I have to send the test off?

No, this is a rapid diagnostic test with results provided in the simple to understand display within 10 minutes.

What this test does

The SH Diagnostics Peanut Allergy Test tests to see if your body will have an allergic reaction to peanuts with 98.3% accuracy.

What this test does not do

Only peanut allergies will be tested, other food allergies (including cashew nuts) are not tested by this device (check our range of products for tests for other allergies). This test does not test for mild intolerances. As detailed below, an intolerance has a wide spectrum of causes and effects. A lot of intolerance tests are based on shaky science and give subjective results and they can lead people to believe they have a true allergy when they only have a minor intolerance.

Allergy or intolerance?

Many people use the words ‘allergy’ and ‘intolerance’ interchangeably however there is a difference between the two. A true food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects numerous organs in the body. It can cause a range of symptoms including tingling or itching of the mouth or skin, swelling, wheezing or coughing, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, dizziness. In some cases an allergic food reaction can be severe or life-threatening. In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and often limited to digestive problems. If you have a food intolerance you may be able to eat small amounts of the offending food without trouble. If you have a food allergy, you may be at risk of a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) — even if past reactions have been mild. Many intolerance tests are not scientifically proven, especially when linking the effect (such as skin blemishes or tiredness) with the cause (such as wheat or lactose). Allergies however have a clear cause (such as milk) and clear affect (which is measured by raised ‘IgE’ levels in the blood).

Is this test accurate?

Yes, it’s 98.3% accurate in diagnosing allergic reactions to Peanuts and has been CE certified as such.

How do I perform the test?

Simply prick your finger using the safety lancet provided and place three drops of blood into the well on the test cassette. Put a drop of the test solution into the well and wait 10 minutes for the results markers to show.

How does the test work?

The strip in the cassette contains small particles of the allergy source, if your blood specimen reacts with the particles this shows an allergic reaction and a positive result will show. If the specimen does not react with the particles the result will show as negative. This provides accurate results even if you’ve not had a recent allergic reaction or been exposed to the allergen.